Sunday, July 1, 2012

Reasons Why I love Cape York..

Hi All :)

So, my move to far north Queensland has been 98% positive. The negative 2% are things that can't be changed, and can be likened to a new move anywhere.

But to elaborate on the positives- a way of thinking I believe we should all embrace at all times- I've decided to create a "Reasons Why I Love Cape York" list..

#1 Fishing

Several other positives can fit into this catergory as well, such as weather, scenery, climate, lifestyle, etc., but we'll limit this one to the fishing here.


Yesterday, on a ridiculously HOT winter day (bit of an oxymoron, right?), both my parents and i embarked on a fishing journey, which is usual for a weekend here. It was a bit of a slow day at first, bait was missing, nibbles, small Bream and several lures getting caught on trees and mangrove roots.

And then suddenly, we hit the jackpot. Every cast lead to a giant fish! These fish were crafty though, they knew their area and knew to swim under rocks and logs, so reeling in our lines was a sporting manouvre in itself.

The best catch of the day was a 50cm Mangrove Jack. It's just a magnificent fish, a striking red which looks beautiful against the blue and greens of the area. To be honest though, this was my Mum's fish, but Dad and I were quick to get a photo with it too! 50cm is actually quite large for a Mangrove Jack, and by far the biggest we have caught up here.

But my favourite catch of the day was this Golden Snapper, also referred to as a Fingermark because of it's black 'fingermark' on it's side. It has just amazing colours, and striking rose gold/ purple eyes.

My favourite fish by far :)

These photos were taken within 5 minutes of each other, and that's out of a 6 hour day out on the water. You can imagine what it's like to live here :)

That's all for now, I hope you can think of reason why you love where you're living as well!

Much Love,

Kellie xx

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